HP ProLiant ML10 Gen9 Server Replacement

old sbs 2003 server

new windows server 2012 server

windows server 2012 hyper-v vpn

A Cyprus company with a branch office in the center of Athens, Greece. Hardware problems with old Server, one hard disk of RAID1 array is permanently off. Server stops responding every day. Actions:

  • Microsoft Windows Server **** has been installed on HP ProLiant ML10 Gen9, Hyper-V and Fax Server roles are configured.
  • Intel AMT configured for Remote Management and Diagnostics.
  • Old Server with DHCP, DNS, Active Directory, Exchange, File Server, SQL Express,  Logistic Application roles has been migrated to Hyper-V Virtual Machine and removed from the rack.
  • Local Exchange Server migrated to Office 365.
  • Backup policy configured for Virtual and Host Machine.
  • A dedicated VDSL line is configured for VPN IPsec with Thessaloniki.
  • Firewall configured for secure remote access.

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  1. Ubersonic says:

    Hey, how are you backing up the new server?

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